Please email your offer to along with form QF55. DO NOT CC your email offer to anyone else (otherwise your offer will be disqualified) OR you could submit the hard copy through courier. Please put the name of subjected item/ Job with RFQ number. Penalty clause: The supplier is obliged to pay TNB REMACO a contractual penalty of “2 % of PO Total Price” for each commenced week of delay; however, at most 10 % of the overall order value Please let us have your Quotation for items as per attached RFQ for our Power Plant with the following terms and conditions; 1. The quotation should be submitted 21 days from the date of enquiry (Closing date is 23rd January 2020 @ 1200 hrs.). 2. Rates quoted should be Ex- Balloki II, 1223MW CCPP, Pattoki, District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. 3. Quotation should remain valid for 3 Months from the date of quotation closing date. 4. Definite delivery period must be specified, remarks like “Subject to prior Sale” or fluctuations etc. will /may disqualify your offer. 5. Brand name, specifications and Country of Origin/Certificate of Conformity (if required) of the goods offered must be mentioned, and relevant literature/brochure shall be submitted. 6. In the event of an order being placed to you, the delivery & services will have to be made to our Plant within the stipulated period. 7. Sales Tax be shown separately in the quotation. 8. Quotation not fulfilling the above said conditions is liable to be rejected. 9. We reserve the right to accept or reject any quotation in whole or in part without assigning reason. 10. Tax deduction at source will be made under the prevailing law. (Please indicate your NTN Number & GST on bills, in case of an order). 11. Payment terms 12. Warranty Note: 1. Kindly send us acknowledgement note after receipt of our RFQ. 2. If you have any technical query, please contact /
ID RFQ Number Floating Date Closing Date Site Visit Date Description RFQ Attachment QF-55 Attachment Name Plate Data/Scop of Work Remarks
1RFQ #. 173814/02/2020 12:00 PM27/02/2020 12:00 AMNot ApplicableSpares of HRSG HP Drum PSVs Download Download Download